Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is the process of optimising your website in order to appear higher in the search engine results for search terms (keywords) relevant for your company, products and services. This improves the visibility of your site in the search results and encourages users who are looking for your services and products to click through to your site and complete a certain action, like enquiring or purchasing.

Create Build Grow have over 15 years of experience in both building SEO friendly sites and using White Hat SEO techniques (search engine approved) to optimise websites, working with companies in a multitude of different sectors, in order to increase visibility, improve visitor levels and boost profitability via your site.

CBG are not just link builders – we look at every element of your site in order to make it successful. We look at the technical setup of your site in order to improve how search engines see and index your site, we optimise your content to key phrases in order to improve relevance of your site to the target keywords and we also look at improving links to your site from high quality sites, which help improve performance in search results for your entire site. All of these factors work together in order to produce great results for your site and improve profitability for your company, providing a superb return on your investment.

Our SEO services start from just £300 per month on a rolling basis. Contact us today and get your website the attention it deserves.


SEO Case Studies


MDM Security Doors

MDM Security Doors

MDM Security Doors, like unfortunately many companies, had poor experiences with their previous SEO providers, not getting the results they expected. That all changed when Create Build Grow started working with them.

Within 2 years, the site’s fortunes have been transformed and MDM have gone from struggling during the economic downturn to making a very healthy profit. The site is now ranking on page 1 for over 40 keywords and appearing in 1st position on Google and Bing for over 15 of these, which have helped to triple site traffic and now provides a 9000%+ return on their monthly investment.

PPC via AdWords is also helping to drive targeted traffic to their site, doubling their visibility on page 1 of Google and further improving profitability.


Sturdy Cake Stackers

Sturdy Cake Stackers SEO

Sturdy Cake Stackers were already enjoying a degree of success after launching their innovative cake stacking system, however they wanted to encourage more sales via the site Create Build Grow built for them. We could see from existing data that organic (SEO) visits were converting at a much higher rate than other avenues, so further improving their SEO performance was key to gaining more sales.

The site was already optimised for some target keywords from our SEO friendly website build, so we focussed on optimising for additional keywords related to their system through the existing site, whilst adding a blog to target keywords which were related but would not fit in the current content.

Since then, traffic to the site has doubled and so have the level of sales, providing a 1000%+ return on investment. The site is now ranking 1st for over 20 related keywords and really helping push their business forwards.



T+T Tubecraft

Tubecraft SEO


T+T Tubecraft is another company for whom Create Build Grow built and now promote their website. In the first 18 months since starting with SEO, site traffic doubled and the company is thriving due to the increase in search related enquiries via the site.


These are just a few examples of companies we have helped in improving their search engine visibility with our effective SEO services. We’ve worked with a broad range of companies and have a fantastic track record of success. Let us help your company improve your visibility and improve profitability through your site – contact us today.